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Gelid GC-4 Extreme Thermal Paste

Gelid’s GC-4 is a cutting-edge thermal compound that combines enhanced thermal filler particles, a polymer matrix, and other features to deliver exceptional heat conductivity.


  1. Ultimate Heat Conductivity
  2. Non-Electrical Conductive
  3. Additional Applicator
  4. Ultra-Durable and Non-Curing
  5. Available in three different sizes

Gelid’s GC-4 is a state-of-the-art thermal compound specifically designed for professional and extreme users who require the best thermal interface for their CPUs, GPUs, chipsets, and other mission-critical applications. It is engineered to provide ultra-efficient heat transfer, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

Polymer Matrix

GC-4 incorporates a polymer matrix that acts as a binder for the thermal filler particles. This matrix ensures proper distribution of the filler and helps in achieving perfect gap filling between the heat source and the cooling solution. It also contributes to the overall viscosity of the compound, allowing for easy application.

Non-Electrical Conductive

GC-4 is designed to be non-electrical conductive, meaning it does not pose a risk of short circuits or electrical damage when applied to electronic components. This feature is crucial in preventing accidental damage to sensitive circuitry.

Additional Applicator

The thermal compound package includes an additional applicator, making the application process super easy and convenient. This allows for precise and controlled dispensing of the compound onto the desired surface, ensuring optimal coverage and uniform thickness.

Ultimate Heat Conductivity

GC-4 is engineered to provide the best thermal interface possible, facilitating ultra-efficient heat transfer from the CPU, GPU, chipset, or any other heat-generating component. By minimising thermal resistance, it helps maintain lower operating temperatures, which can improve system stability and longevity.

Ultra-Durable and Non-Curing

The compound offers excellent stability and performance over a wide temperature range, from -30 to 150°C. It remains effective without curing or hardening over time, ensuring long-lasting and consistent thermal conductivity.

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SpecificationsGelid GC-4 10gGelid GC-4 3.5gGelid GC-4 1g
Product CodeTC-GC-04-C TC-GC-04-B TC-GC-04-A
Density (g/cm)2.30 2.30 2.30
Viscosity (Poise)1000 1000 1000
Working Temperature (°C)-30~150 -30~150 -30~150
Warranty24 months 24 months 24 months
EAN barcode4897025783713 4897025783706 4897025783690
SpecificationsGelid GC-4 10gGelid GC-4 3.5gGelid GC-4 1g
Product CodeTC-GC-04-C TC-GC-04-B TC-GC-04-A
Density (g/cm)2.30
Viscosity (Poise)1000
Working Temperature (°C)-30~150
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4897025783713 4897025783706 4897025783690

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